You Need a GREAT Hiring Process to Hire GREAT People!

Our Founder, Gary Bozza, believes finding great candidates starts with a compelling job ad. The advertising analogy is like shopping for pickles (or anything) in the grocery store. With so many brands to choose from, the front of the jar ad or graphics is what attract us, not the back. Shoppers won’t turn the jar around unless something sparks their interest on the front.   

So, if the front of the jar is the Job Ad, and the back of is the Job Description, why do 80% of companies use the Job Description as their Job Ad?

No wonder why they get poor responses! Can you imagine if grocery stores turned all their jars, bottles and bags backwards on the shelves? You’ll have frustrated customers and sales would go down!

And that is just the beginning….

Do you have an updated, written hiring process that attracts talent or is your hiring brand backwards?  “The WorldBridge Way” is a proven methodology for hiring great people faster, that you may want to incorporate in your hiring process today!

Great Hiring Resource Tools For You

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