You Can't Hire Great People Without A Great Hiring Process!

Are you a hiring executive?  Are you struggling to hire “A” candidates for your job openings in today’s candidate driven market?  Do you suspect your hiring process might be outdated or broken?  To learn more, view the infographic below that portrays a seemingly normal, yet poor, hiring process that can cost your company thousands of dollars!

Does this process
feel like your own?

If you answered yes, then download our infographic on a what a “GREAT” Hiring Process looks like. PLUS, you will receive these GREAT hiring resource tools:

  1. Interview Questions
  2. Interview Evaluation Grid
  3. Candidate Personality Assessment
  4. On-boarding Program Overview

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Hiring Testimonial

We engaged Gary Bozza and his services for almost a full year with the responsibility of finding a sales leader. The sales leader we wanted would not only need to fit our organization and culture, but also have the credibility to lead a seasoned sales group of fifteen men and women.  Gary led our organization through a well defined, successful hiring process and patiently answered all of our questions and concerns while keeping us on course.  In the end, he not only delivered the right person for this important role, but also taught us how valuable a well defined hiring process can be.  I would highly recommend Gary and his firm if searching for a sales leader. ” ~ Jim Riley, Owner, RBO PrintLogistix, Inc.

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