Top Reasons Banks Won’t Cash Your Check

    You might have been told to endorse your business check the moment you received it. Before we get into the understanding of endorsing, we’d like to go over a safety tip. Remember, when you have a check that requires you to endorse it prior to depositing, you should always wait until you present the check before a bank teller prior to endorsing it. To be endorsed correctly, the name signed on the back of the check needs to matchthe payee namewritten on the front of the check. If your name was misspelled or written incorrectly, sign it with the incorrect version, and then sign again using the correct name. Probably, you don’t get to write a check everyday, or perhaps, you’ve never written a check before. Not to worry, checks are an effective and inexpensive tool for moving money; filling it doesn’t take ages.

    Many institutions charge non-customers a convenience fee to cash checks. State law may restrict the amount a bank or other institution may charge to cash a check, although many states don’t limit this practice. If you need a safe business checking account that can let you deposit checks, sign up for Hatch Checking for Small Businesses. If you’re a business owner with a separate business checking account , then business checks will be addressed to the business and not to you personally.

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    This is a security measure meant to verify that you’re the intended recipient. Otherwise, without a proper endorsement, the check could be declined. Endorse check for deposit only is a type of restrictive endorsement. Restrictive endorsements are useful because they ensure the check will be used exactly how you want it to be used. The person receiving the check is the one that needs to endorse the check.

    In general, whoever’s name is written on the “Pay to the Order of” line is the one who needs to endorse the check. Check endorsements also give the bank permission to finish processing the check transaction and get your funds to you. It gives the bank permission to deal with the check sender’s account and your account in order to transfer funds from the sender’s account to the receiver’s account. If you only sign your name that’s called a blank endorsement. A blank endorsement is when you only provide your signature and no other instructions about what you want to do with the check.

    Most people write the purpose of the payment on the memo line. Quite honestly, the memo line is the least important field on a check. The memo line is the space to write a special note about the transaction. Writing out the amount on a check is a requirement and is very important. If you take note of our tips, it will be harder for someone to manipulate the check and can avoid fraud.

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    How To Write A Check

    When accepting a check, make sure that the name in this section matches the person or group who is giving you the check. Each time you apply for a card, the company you’re applying to will make a credit inquiry on you, and your credit score will reflect this.

    And some banks won’t allow you to deposit a signed-over check via mobile check deposit, so you should make sure your recipient has easy access to a brick-and-mortar branch. Even if you don’t write checks in your everyday life, chances are that you’ll need to set up a direct deposit account or cash a check that someone writes you. Use these tips for writing and managing checks in your daily life.

    Bank deposit accounts, such as checking and savings, may be subject to approval. Deposit products and related services are offered by JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Member FDIC. Chase Bank serves nearly half of U.S. households with a broad range of products. Chase online lets you manage your Chase accounts, view statements, monitor activity, pay bills or transfer funds securely from one central place. For questions or concerns, please contact Chase customer service or let us know about Chase complaints and feedback. We highly recommend that you wait as long as possible before endorsing a check, especially if you’re not depositing it right away. The last thing you want is for someone to steal your check and alter the endorsement somehow.

    Can I Sign A Check Over To Someone Else?

    If the check doesn’t specify “and” or “or,” but just lists the names, then follow the same instructions you would if the check were written with the word “and.” This will ensure that no one can try and deposit the check again. It also serves as a reminder to you that this check has already been taken care of. You should keep your signature and any other endorsement instructions you might have in that small endorsement area only. This is because the bank will need the rest of the space on the back of the check for their own records and purposes to finish processing the check correctly. The endorsement area of a check is found on the back of the check. If you flip your check over you’ll find a section with the words “ENDORSE CHECK HERE” and a box or some lines for you to write your signature.

    When you get paid with a check, that payment is made toyou. You’re the only person who can legally collect money from the checkwriter’s account. However, the easiest way to cash that check is to hand it over to your bank and letthemdeal with it. If you run a business and accept checks, endorsing is slightly different.

    • Blank endorsement.This is the easiest type of check endorsement.
    • Check with banks involved before you endorse to a third party.
    • The first thing we should get out of the way is that check endorsements are for people receiving a check, not sending a check.
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    • In this case, signing a check is required because the check is originally made out to you; without your endorsement, it could come across as a theft attempt.
    • However, that move tends to be ineffective when it comes to retrieving their portion of the check funds.

    Checks are meant to be endorsed by the person or the business it’s intended to be received by. Do you still have questions about your check that’s missing an endorsement line? Continue reading for the specifics of handling a check Online Accounting like this. We’ll also cover some other common questions when it comes to endorsing checks. Understanding how to deposit them and deal with the extra security required to handle them will help you get your money safe and fast.

    Cashing A Check For Someone Else

    It’s best to avoid this situation by depositing the check and writing the third-person a new check that directly pays them. When someone pays you with a check, you’ll usually have to sign the back of it before you can deposit it in your account. Endorsing a check allows your bank and you or a third-party to settle the funds associated with the check.

    Essentially, the back of the check has information a mailing envelope would have. You can see the artificial watermark on the back of the check.

    Difficulty Making Mobile Check Deposits? Heres Why

    If the check gets lost or stolen, it’s more difficult for thieves to get your money—they’ll need to alter the endorsement. An alternative to including your account number is to write “For deposit only to account of payee,” which would require thieves to have access to an account in your name. Depending on the situation, you might or might notalsohave to sign if you specify an account number. If you plan to mail the check to your bank, bookkeeping deposit it at an ATM, or carry it around for a while, use a different approach. Either leave the check unsigned until you’re ready to deposit, or add a restriction to the endorsement. Blank endorsements are risky because somebody else can steal the endorsed check and potentially cash it or deposit it to a different account. When someone pays you with a check, it’s like handing you cash; but, there are few more steps involved.

    How To Endorse A Cashiers Check

    You do not both have the ability to sign and deposit the check in this situation. However, if the person who wrote the check puts “or” between the two names, either you or the other name can use the check. To do so, write “For deposit only to account #####” , as part of your endorsement.

    What Does Endorse A Check Mean?

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    This method specifically instructs the bank that the check should be deposited into the account identified in the endorsement. Whether you are taking the check directly to the bank or if a friend is taking the check to your bank for you, we recommend that you use this method as a more secure option. So be careful unless you know exactly what this check is for and were expecting it. Considering the risk involved, like a bounced check, it’s best to only cash signed checks in case of an attempt of fraud. When the check is made to one person, the person it’s made out to must be the one to endorse the check. For the easiest check cashing process, you’ll want to go to your bank or the one listed on the check. The identification or the cashing processes will go much quicker if you do so.


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