Interviewing Tips

You want to work for the company, they’ve seen your credentials and they’ve asked you in for an interview. You want the job. Here are some suggestions that will help you make sure your interview goes as well as possible.

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Weighing The Job Offer

A number of factors come under consideration when you’re making a decision about a job offer. Obviously there’s “the package” –but putting the monetary value of the position aside for one moment…

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Tips for Resigning Flawlessly

Remembering the 4 F’s will help you resign much easier. Let us learn from Gary on how to resign flawlessly.

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Career Advisor

Welcome to WorldBridge Career Advisor

Our #1 goal at WorldBridge Partners is to help you find employment in a job you love. Whether this means helping you choose a career, advance in a career or change careers we are here to help.

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Partners in Your Success

When you work with WorldBridge Partners, you’ll be matched with an executive search consultant with 10 to 25 years of experience recruiting and/or working in your industry. Together, you will map out a path for your success based on your experience, priorities, values and goals.

As a true partner in your career success, you can expect WorldBridge Partners to:

    • Learn about your experience, accomplishments and aspirations
    • Protect your confidentiality
    • Provide detailed information on opportunities
    • Prepare you for interviews
    • Debrief post-interview to discuss interest and fit
    • Offer negotiation and consultation
    • Provide resignation guidance and transitional support in your new role

Your consultant is always available to you when you have questions or concerns. We want to ensure any career move you consider is truly right for you.

Discover why so many professionals trust their careers to WorldBridge Partners.