Business Optimization & Value Builder

So, you’ve worked hard to
build a successful business…
Has your company peaked…
or can it continue to grow?

At some point, all owners have a decision to make:

  • Will I ultimately sell my company to family or key employees?
  • Will I seek an outside buyer to purchase my company?
  • Do I want to continue to grow my firm for the foreseeable future, but may need to hire a VP or President to run my company?

In all cases, your goal should be to optimize your company and maximize enterprise value, so you leave your employees in good hands, while becoming financially secure.

  • Maybe you’re planning to improve sales & EBITDA, so you can someday transition your business to the next generation of leaders, while assuring a fun, relevant and profitable lifestyle.
  • Or…are you thinking about enhancing technology, expanding your product line, or hiring younger talent to preserve your legacy & maximize enterprise value for a future strategic buyer?
  • Is it time to start freeing up your day-to-day schedule? Should you hire a talented leader to help run your company, while you focus on strategic growth initiatives?

The one prerequisite in all 3 scenarios is that your business must thrive without you!

Whether you just want to “tune up” your business for peak performance — or you want to maximize the sellability of your company someday—The Value Builder System improves the 8 key drivers so your business can thrive, setting up the life you deserve.

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8 Key Drivers of Company Value


Financial Performance

Do you have a 3-year history of producing revenue & profits, combined with the accuracy of your record keeping?


Growth Potential

What is the likelihood of continued business growth in the future and at what rate?


Switzerland Structure

How dependent is your business on any one employee, customer or supplier?


Valuation Teeter Totter

Is your business a cash cow or bleeding cash?


Recurring Revenue

What is the proportion and quality of automatic, contact and annuity-based revenue you collect each month?


Monopoly Control

How well do you differentiate your business from competitors in your industry?


Customer Satisfaction

What is the statistical process that proves the likelihood your customers will re-purchase and refer you?


Hub & Spoke

How would your business perform if you were unexpectedly unable to work & communicate for 3 months?

By evaluating your Value Builder Optimization Score (8 key drivers), you will know what steps are required to improve Enterprise Value and help you achieve your business goals and ultimately your life.


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