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Why do Employers Choose WorldBridge Partners?

Let’s be honest, in today’s uncertain economy, new challenges call for new solutions. The challenge is to survive in such a way so you can easily pivot and thrive. This may be the perfect time to close the gap between the leaders you have and the leaders you need. 

This is where WorldBridge Partners comes in. Innovators in Executive Search since 1997, we work closely with clients to enhance their competitive advantage through insight and expertise. With a global network of relationships, a comprehensive rigorous search process called The WorldBridge Way and deep roots of vertical knowledge, WorldBridge Partners delivers the highest quality industry talent to develop world class leadership teams for our clients. 

As your trusted adviser and strategic partner, we deliver individuas that impact your company’s profitable growth by matching skills, chemistry AND motivation!

With the right people, you can accomplish almost anything!. Let us help you build your company today!


Search Methodology

“The WorldBridge Way”, a 10-Step Proven Search Process

1. Defining Your Needs

Prior to the search, we obtain a complete needs analysis profile of the position description, key performance objectives, the qualifications of the ideal candidate, and the unique culture of your organization.

From this, a Success Profile of the job and ideal candidate is developed, including a compelling narrative about your company history & culture and why someone would be motivated to work for your firm. We also include a bio on the hiring manager. You approve the document so you can be assured we are marketing your company accurately in the most positive light. This step provides a solid foundation that begins the successful search.

2. Strategy & Research

Using all the tools and resources at our command, we plan a customized search strategy to surface qualified impact players by:

  • Accessing our own WorldBridge Partners powerful database with over 200,000 relationships built over 25 years.
  • Deploying our specialized project team to surface employed candidates by strategically marketing into selected competitive companies and associated industries.
  • Our Research Division has invested in a special premium LinkedIn license that allows us to connect to over 750 million profiles, most are passive individuals who are happily employed & successful, who may not be actively looking to make a career change…Until they are contacted by WorldBridge Partners!

3. Interviews & Assessment

We conduct in-depth STAR interviews (Situation, Task, Action, Results) with candidates to determine if they have the necessary skills and accomplishments, a willingness to change careers, and if they have the right chemistry to fit with your organization’s culture.

We further evaluate the most qualified candidates and provide custom Predictive Performance Assessments, which benchmark them with the ideal personality characteristics of the top employees of your firm – a process that can improve your selection process by as much as 80 percent!

4. Presentation of Candidate Pool

We present 3-5 of the top, qualified talent to you, highlighting their accomplishments, work and income expectations, educational background, and potential compatibility match within your organization.

5. Interview

Next, we arrange interviews between you and the candidates anywhere in the world, often by Microsoft Teams or Zoom.  For a Chicago opening, we will reserve our conference room so that you can interview several candidates on the same day, providing a superior benchmark for improved evaluation.

6. Preparation with Client & Candidates

We prepare the candidates for their interview by discussing your open position, your organization’s needs, and review an agenda of who they will be speaking with. We also prepare you, highlighting the candidates’ “hot buttons”, while suggesting key behavior-based questions, from the Predictive Performance Assessment that will result in a more productive interview.

7. Debrief with Client & Candidates

Immediately after the interview, we debrief the candidates to ascertain their interest in your position. We then contact you to exchange information on the candidates’ feelings, your evaluation, and a mutual level of interest in moving forward. When appropriate, second and third interviews are set up.

8. Selection, Negotiation, 360° Reference Checks

Once you’ve made your final choice, we conduct and provide you with the results of our 10-point reference checks with bosses, customers and peers. If requested, we provide background investigation including previous employment, education verification, criminal record, and driver’s record.  Our experienced consultant presents the verbal offer to the candidate to facilitate agreement to the terms of the offer before a written offer is extended to clear up any last questions and assure an acceptance prior to the written offer.

9. Resignation & Counteroffer

Our search consultant educates the new hire on the pitfalls of a counteroffer and assists them in preparing for the exit interview, which includes a professional letter of resignation.

10. Client Satisfaction Survey & Follow-Up

After each search is completed, we ask you to assess the quality of our search process. Our communication will not end when the placement is made. We follow up with you and the new hire to help ensure a smooth adjustment and fast ramp up, while helping you build a strong and successful retention strategy with your new hire.


Executive Recruiting Aligned with Your Goals

When it comes to recruiting true talent, there is no shortcut to success. But the right executive recruiter can uncover your specific needs and match the talent efficiently and effectively.

WorldBridge Partners has mastered the art and the science of efficiently recruiting for a variety of dynamic organizations. We connect you with individuals who are technically qualified and culturally matched for long-term success.

It is our mission to provide clients with extraordinary talent who will drive business strategy and goals, and ultimately expand business capabilities. We focus on the executive recruitment of leadership professionals including:

  • C-Level Executive Leadership
  • Executive Vice Presidents & Senior Vice Presidents
  • Vice Presidents
  • Directors

Our experience is vast, and our geographic reach is global.  Our expert recruitment team leverages their deep industry roots to build connections with people who make an impact every day. Clients are never just limited to “available” candidates in the market – we seek out the best talent in the industry!  You know, the individuals who are technically skilled, culturally matched, and ready to hit the ground running…that’s “The WorldBridge Way” Advantage.

Specialization. We have deep roots in each of the industries that we serve. We speak the language, know the challenges, and have the success records to prove our expertise.

Service Excellence. It is our passion and our commitment to exceed client expectations, not just with every search, but with every interaction.

Accuracy. Every individual we present is positioned for alignment. The WorldBridge Partners executive recruiter team of 80+ have made more than 20,000 successful placements because we focus on more than just finding the right skills and experience – we match the person to the organization.

Proven Process. We don’t limit clients to “available” candidates. WorldBridge deploys a proven, rigorous process to ensure our candidates exceed expectations. From in-depth needs analysis and culture assessment to 360-degree candidate profiles, we deliver top industry talent with the technical skills and personal attributes to quickly make an impact.

Efficiency. We promise never to waste our clients’ time. Our methodologies, processes, expertise and deep industry roots allow us to deliver candidates quickly and efficiently.

Consultative Approach. WorldBridge Partners offers real solutions. We have long-standing relationships with our clients to help them overcome their challenges and achieve their goals, navigating the rapid pace of change that challenges so many organizations.

Reach out to WorldBridge Partners to learn more about customizing an executive search that targets the best talent in your industry.

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