The WorldBridge Way

Never in its history has WorldBridge Partners Chicago NW been such an exciting company to be associated with, either as a client, candidate or an employee. The reason for this is The WorldBridge Way, an operating philosophy that guides our strategy and drives results.

WorldBridge Partners has combined its deep industry knowledge & experience of acquiring talent that improves revenue, increases operational excellence, and helps achieve your corporate objectives. This is a result of our comprehensive search methodology that is utilized by all of our offices throughout the world. Our highly trained search consultants have helped develop executive succession planning, created accurate and compelling job descriptions, and surfaced and attracted not just the most available candidates, but the most valuable talent for you, our client. The WorldBridge Way depends on the voice of our customers to drive our innovative human resource services, resulting in industry awards for providing high-performance executive people in every key function of each of our Industry Practices.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leader in every industry we serve by providing lasting value, enhancing employer brand and help our clients build stronger companies. Our goal is to delight our customers with extraordinary talent while conducting ourselves with the highest of ethical standards.

Our Vision

We enhance people’s careers and positively impact the growth of our clients’ company that result in a profitable ROI for clients, candidates, and WorldBridge Partners associates. “We change people’s lives.”

Our Values

Passion for customer loyalty

  • High Integrity
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Play to Win
  • Trusted Advisors
  • Team Players

Value Added Services

Industry Experts

We have a proven 26-year successful track-record in our specialty search markets:

  • Marketing Communications / Printing, Paper & Promotional Products
  • Packaging & Logistics
  • Industrial MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operations) / Manufacturing & Distribution
  • IT Software & Consulting/Professional Services/Cybersecurity
  • Medical Devices, Equipment & Supplies

Our focus allows us to quickly surface, evaluate, and attract the right individuals for your specific needs.

Valued Relationships

Our contacts are primarily Owners, CEOs, Presidents, VPs, GMs, and Directors in our specialty verticals…so we talk and network with this level of talent daily. Clients and prospects that know and trust us are continually providing us with industry trends and new information, as well as additional qualified referrals.

Proven Methodology

Our overall planning and search methodology is “best in class”. We create a Success Profile that assures everyone is on the same page. This allow us to tell a consistent, compelling story attracting the best talent that will impact the growth of your firm.

Total Solution

As part of our Gold/Silver/Bronze Search Packages we go “above and beyond” to provide several additional value added services including: Success Profile, Competitive Benchmark, Predictive Performance Assessments, 360° Reference Checks, Background Investigation, and access to the WorldBridge Partners database.

Excellent Communication

Every step of the way, we strive to provide superior transparent communication between ourselves, our clients, and our candidates. Our services include: Thorough Candidate Presentation, Client & Candidate Debriefs, Competitive Compensation Analysis and consistent follow-ups to ensure a “right fit” and a fast & productive start-up.

Worldwide Search Capabilities

We are a global search firm with 18 offices in the US, and Europe, dedicated to organizations that strive to attract high-performance people, with nearly 100 worldwide associates serving 18 distinct industry sectors. We excel at delivering that one special, strategic “Game-Changing Executive”, helping to secure a staff of 1 up to 1,000 to build out a new division or support a new product launch.

Strong Reputation For Customer Satisfaction

Lastly, we are a proven partner that cares about people and making a right and lasting fit. We invite you to experience our search methodology that is based on 5 key values working for you and your firm.

High Integrity

Sense of Urgency

Play to Win

Trusted Advisors

Team Players

High Integrity

Sense of Urgency

Play to Win

Trusted Advisors

Team Players