Jai Patel

Executive Search Consultant

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C 918-408-3506

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Jai Patel's professional journey starts with transitioning from the United States Marine Corps to the corporate world. Jai's story is marked by his dedication and commitment to excellence.

Beginning his career as a Forward Observer in 2016, Jai quickly rose through the ranks, mastering the pivotal role of coordinating artillery and air support for Marine Corps operations. His tenure at Camp Lejeune, NC, was characterized by exemplary performance, earning him a promotion to Corporal in October 2018.

Upon concluding his honorable military service in 2020, Jai embarked on a new chapter fueled by ambition and a genuine passion for building connections. Transitioning to sales, he honed his skills and eventually discovered his calling in the field of recruiting.

In 2023, Jai joined WorldBridge Partners Chicago NW as an Executive Search Consultant, where he assumed leadership of the Cybersecurity/IT Practice. Leveraging his unique background, Jai brings a potent combination of military discipline, corporate savvy, and a deep understanding of "The WorldBridge Way" search process.

Today, Jai excels in his role, seamlessly bridging the gap between clients and top-tier talent. His ability to recognize and showcase the valuable skills that veterans bring to the professional arena is unmatched, making him an invaluable asset to both clients and candidates alike.