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Our #1 goal at WorldBridge Partners is to help you find employment in a job you love. Whether this means helping you choose a career, advance in a career or change careers we are here to help.

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Baby Boomers: Purpose is MIA


Recently we ran a survey of a small, anonymous sample of business professionals (age 50+ lawyers, accountants, business consultants, bankers and the like) who were working full time, asking them to rank various concerns…

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Why Company Culture Matters More Than Pay

company culture

Motivating people to work can be a difficult task, especially when different things motivate everyone. It used to be the case that money was the main thing offered by employers to help increase productivity…

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Workforce Planning


In sports, a team’s success is often linked to its bench strength – the players on the bench who can seamlessly jump in and replace a player who is pulled due to injury or some other reason.

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