Hiring Managers Worst Fears

right candidate

Grabbing the attention of top talent can be challenging for employers trying to court their top choices in the executive, managerial and professional job market.

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Baby Boomers: Purpose is MIA


Recently we ran a survey of a small, anonymous sample of business professionals (age 50+ lawyers, accountants, business consultants, bankers and the like) who were working full time, asking them to rank various concerns…

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Is Working Over-Rated?


I had just returned from a round of golf with Jim, a friend and neighbor. As we were unpacking the car, we saw Sam, another neighbor, still dressed in his shirt and tie, getting his mail.

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Why Company Culture Matters More Than Pay

company culture

Motivating people to work can be a difficult task, especially when different things motivate everyone. It used to be the case that money was the main thing offered by employers to help increase productivity…

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