Succession Success: Hiring a Leader that Increases Sales & Enterprise Value

    Unconventional advice from Search Consultant Gary Bozza from WorldBridge Partners Chicago NW leads to impressive VP hire and even more promising business growth.


    As Jim Riley, President, CEO and acting VP of Sales at RBO PrintLogistix thought about his company’s growth strategy, he was ready to hire a VP of Sales to not only help grow the business but also to take some pressure off himself. An unconventional interview process developed by Search Consultant Gary Bozza from WorldBridge Partners Chicago NW led Riley and RBO PrintLogistix to an impressive VP hire and $2 million in new business in 2017.

    About the Client

    Founded in 1985, RBO PrintLogistix serves multiple industries and provides print collateral, marketing communications, and promotional products to over 500 clients in the Midwest and across the country. RBO PrintLogistix is based in St. Louis, MO and offers several new technologies such as Web to Print digital storefronts and three digital asset management services.

    The Challenges

    When Riley’s former VP of Sales was positioned back into sales, Riley took on the sales leadership role himself despite already being President & CEO. After nearly one year of performing all three positions, Jim decided it was time to hire a new VP of Sales to help delegate responsibilities, and assure that the company would grow organically.

    The Solution

    Together, Gary Bozza and Riley created a position profile of the company, culture and what the ideal candidate would look like. They also developed key selling points of why someone would like to join RBO. Bozza then performed a personality assessment on each promising candidate to provide greater insight into their leadership style and culture fit. Once those candidates were narrowed down, Bozza asked each to create a business plan outlining what they would do in the first 180 days on the job using real data from RBO PrintLogistix. Bozza reviewed the submitted plans and recommended three candidates for the final interviews. Bozza designed a behavior based interview evaluation format for these final candidates, and David Hunnius was ultimately selected.


    With Hunnius on board, RBO PrintLogistix has experienced revenue growth, a net add of 13 new associates, and developed a new culture of accountability and plans for $5M in incremental growth for 2018. Seven new account representatives were hired and delivered over $2M in new business alone in 2017. Additionally, RBO has purchased a large-format press, and is now positioned for year over year top line growth of 20% in 2018!


    “We engaged Gary Bozza and his services with the responsibility of finding a talented sales leader. In the end, he not only delivered the right person for this important role, but also taught us how valuable a well-defined hiring process can be. I would highly recommend Gary and his firm if searching for an executive leader. ” ~ Jim Riley, President & CEO RBO PrintLogistix


    Have you thought about your succession plan and how you can significantly grow your business organically to create enterprise value? Do you now have an executive in place to take over once you decide to sell or retire? You might consider working with a professional consultant who specializes in succession planning and talent evaluation. Contact Gary and learn about how WorldBridge Partners can help build a high-performing leadership teams that result in increased profits and a successful transition plan for the owner. Click here to contact Gary Bozza and learn about The WorldBridge Way.

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    Gary Bozza, CEO & Managing Partner of WorldBridge Partners Chicago NW, has been winning industry awards and recognitions in talent acquisition for the last 26 years, following a highly successful 18-year career as Vice President of National Accounts and Director of Midwest Sales primarily at MOORE (now RR Donnelley). Gary’s business is dedicated to helping Owners, CEOs and Presidents hire industry talent, drive new revenue, optimize operations, and maximize enterprise valuation. His firm specializes in executive recruitment and coaching owners on how to improve the eight key drivers of business value from the “buyer’s eyes.”

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